Learning Bangla BD is an associate venture of Learning Quran BD that started its journey in 2013. With many success stories (of its’ parent company) to share about teaching one on one to students living around the globe, Learning Bangla BD is also a 100% online platform for teaching Bengali. This company is run by native Bengali speakers with practical knowledge of the language itself.

With a mission to spread Bangla or Bengali to all Bengali speaking persons of every corner of the World, this company is into the job to do a job of excellence. As human beings, we have some universal longings that are shared across the languages, cultures or geographical locations. And we tend to pass them over to our next generations. Our expectation to pass our mother language to our next generations certainly stands out of many of our other expectations While we may think the expectations (of passing the language to our next generations) will be met for granted as long as we stay in our motherland, the reality for those who stay thousands of miles away from their birthplace permanently is totally different. Born and brought up at foreign lands with interactions with mostly foreigners (whom they may also call fellow citizens of those foreign lands they reside in) deter the development of the language the parents of these children are used to tell. Gradually and surely their children lose their root forever causing immense discontent of their parents.

The team at Learning Bangla BD has realized the pain of these parents or guardians of these foreign-born children. This company is doing what it takes to bridge the language gap between community the parents left behind and the foreign born children. Now, the children of first generation immigrants, wherever they are born or brought up, can confidently communicate with their relatives staying in purely Bengali speaking environment with the language their parents are used to. Bangla or Bengali, whatever we call it, is now getting the dignity it truly deserves. Now, they can successfully use Bengali to share their feelings, their thoughts and their sorrows. It can only be compared with a dream that has just come true.

This world class Bengali teaching center has everything it needs to understand its’ primary target audience (i.e., the expatriate Bengali speaking community) and to serve them well. From the absolute beginners to advanced learners, from foreign tourists interested to interact locally during their next trip to beautiful Bangladesh or other Bengali speaking regions to employees of foreign agencies or Embassies or High Commissions interested to feel the pulse of our countrymen by speaking their language, everybody has something to learn from this institution.

We cordially invite all (irrespective or origin or nationality) with burning desire to grasp this rich, eloquent & diverse Bengali language and the culture it entails to have an immersive experience of their lifetime.

Come and Join Us!!!!!

How much does the courses costs?

Unlike many other profit mongers dying for the materialistic gains, Learning Bangla BD is more on missionary mode. It enthusiastically adopts the concept of Social Business and finds the cause of its existence worthwhile as long as it serves the society well. As it is a purely online platform that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, the learners can save their invaluable and costs for traveling and other relevant expenditure.

How to take admission:

The admission procedure is very easy to follow. You need to send a request to .the following email ids and phone numbers and will need to inform your suitable time and the course you intend to pursue. After checking from our end, we will notify you on the relevant details. After you have filled up the required forms and met our financial requirements, you are already here to start your exciting journey.