Principal Message

I am worried about the future generations of expatriate Bangladeshis. Sadly enough, it hurts me very much to have observed the gradual extinction of their mothers’ tongue. That is why an intense desire to save their mothers’ tongue has driven me to introduce our beloved Bengali language through this online platform. With the blessings of The Almighty, I strongly believe that I can play a key role to save it among these foreign born children of the Expatriate community. Thus, the culture of our country will be saved both in the short and long term, Insha Allah (meaning if Allah Taal intends to make it happen).

I take it my special privilege to congratulate the students of Learning Bangla Bd who are availing our effective learning processes to learn Bangla/Bengali language. I am really impressed to witness their high level of interest and enthusiasm to learn Bangla.

I feel very much inspired by those who can now read, write and speak in Bangla very fluently in their day to day conversation with Bangla speakers (upon completion of our courses).

Considering the above, I can mention without any hesitation that Learning Bangla Bd has by this time been able to be one of the leading Bangla learning centers at home and abroad. We hope our effective programs will bring widespread opportunity in the days to come.

With profound regards,