Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Learning  Bangla (sometimes will be referred as we, the company, us or the managment) is run by a team of teachers and experienced managers with a good sense to teach Bengali  to the children of expatriate Bengali speaking community and others interested to learn (sometimes will be referred as you, your, clients, users, students, guardians etc.) a new language and culture. In order to maintain discipline in what we do, we are pleased to enlighten you with the following terms of use:

·   In order to enroll with any of the courses offered by us, you will be required to fill up an Online Form first. We will then review your filled up forms and will get back to you at our earliest to update you accordingly. Without duly filled up forms, we are unable to proceed on.

·   After our acceptance and your consent, a student profile will be created. We will use this profile to assign the teachers and the appropriate batch.

·   Upon preliminary evaluation, we have the final say on the courses a student is eligible to take admission. No request will be accepted to choose the course that we do not recommend a student to take. We firmly believe this evaluation very crucial for the students’ gradual progress in learning a new language.

·   There will be a batch of maximum 15 students each and all students will be required to attend the classes on time. Maximum 5 minutes will be allowed to access to the class. And late access beyond 5 minutes may lead to denied access of the students being late.

·   Failure to attend 4 classes consecutively and to make sure at least 80% of overall attendance will lead to disqualify the students for further evaluation. And money already received for the courses will be retained and you will not be entitled to get any refund for doing so. However, you can retake your course within the next 6 months of being registration by paying some admin fees only.

·   We have different fees for different courses and the fees depend on the number of days you will study. Please contact the Principal directly for the details.

·   As the courses will be offered in batches, it will not be possible for us to refund for your classes and reschedule your classes in case if you fail to attend any of the classes for any reason whatsoever. But we may allow you to attend classes of other batches to make your missed lessons if you inform us by email or telephone call at least 48 hours of the class. But this opportunity will be there for a maximum period of 6 months of getting the admission.

·   In case the teacher fails to teach the class for any personal or any other issue, we will arrange make up class at the earliest possible date with no additional cost.

·   The teachers of the company are stationed in Bangladesh. And you know we have technological and infrastructural constraints such as frequent power outages (widely known as load shedding here), disruption & fluctuation of Internet connections. So, we will expect you will show your good sense if you face any such uncontrollable situations from our teachers.

·   There will be one account for one student unless preauthorized by the management. If we have found one account is used by more than one unauthorized students, then the student profile or account will be suspended and there will be no refund in this regard.

·   A minimum of 50% advance needs to be paid for the registration with any course. And the rest of payment needs to be paid within 2 months of starting the course in maximum two installments.

·   All students are advised not to use any language that is offensive, racist, immoral or illegal. Everybody needs to have mutual respect for one another to make sure that a congenial class environment exists for the benefit of all concerned.

·   Registration fees are always non refundable. But you can retake the course within the next 6 months of getting registration if you notify us not to take part in any already registered course at least 10 days before by email or text messages. Please make sure that you get our acknowledgements  of your cancellation or postponement notice in writing. You may need to show this to us later if we request you to show that to validate your claims.

·   All students are required to stay muted unless the teachers advise all or some of you to talk or to respond. It is important to let the teacher deliver his lectures uninterrupted to get his messages across.

·   The standard length of the class will be 60 minutes including some exercise sessions in each class. There will not be any break during the class.

·   We prefer using Skype to deliver our lectures as we have found it extremely reliable. However, we may use other popular platforms like Zoom or Google Meet if we think so. But decision on which platform to be used for teaching is the sole discretion of the management of Learning Bangla BD.

·   It is the responsibility of the students to make sure their internet connections are okay along with other infrastructural issues like performance of their devices etc. We will not take any responsibility of the failure to listen to our lectures for any technical issues on the students’ end.

·   All of the teachers are exclusively obliged to teach through our platform only. If any teacher is found to approach any student for private tutoring, then the teacher could immediately be suspended subject to investigation from our end. The users or guardians or students are requested to notify this to the management immediately if any of them is approached by any teacher.

·   Similarly, no students should approach any teacher personally for any private tutoring. However, if anybody needs private tutoring in case he or she faces difficulty understanding the lectures in group sessions, he or she needs to notify this to the management. We may offer you a private tutor (if the teacher is available) at much higher price to cover the minimum charges of such private class.

·   No teachers are allowed to approach any students to collect any fees, either privately or in the class. Students are requested to immediately notify the management of Learning Bangla BD if they find any teacher doing exactly so.

·   No students or guardians are allowed to exchange any money or anything of monetary value with any teachers directly as signs of gratitude. We do not encourage this at all for maintenance of good sense among all.

·   We do not allow any teacher or student to interact personally other than the class itself. And we will keep the names of our teachers secret. But each teacher will have his unique ID and the students can notify any feedback of any teacher by the reference of that Teacher’s ID.